What’s your business worth?

You need to know what it’s worth if you want to…

  • Buy out a partner
  • Bring in a new investor
  • Sell the business in a few years
  • Decide if an acquisition offer is good enough
  • Consider the feasibility of an ESOP
  • See what your growth plans will do for your value
  • Set up a buy-sell agreement
  • Think about how to increase your business value

A typical business valuation is expensive and often, not very helpful. You get a value at a certain date, subject to a lot of constraints, and mostly, you get a lot of words. Words can be expensive. Sometimes you really need a full-scale, formal valuation for IRS reporting or litigation, but sometimes…

… You just need a good, reliable, low-cost estimate of value.


ValuePlan is our quick, low-cost system for calculating the value of an operating business. It’s intended for shareholders buying in or out of a business, and for business owners who just need a good, competent value number but don’t need a big, costly report. It’s perfect for buy-sell agreements, exit planning, and estate planning. It’s a lot less expensive and a lot faster to produce than a full-scale, formal valuation report, but the value result will be virtually the same.


  • Low cost – a fraction of the cost of a full-scale report.
  • Fast – a few days at most, rather than several weeks or months.
  • Flexible – easy and quick to try different assumptions.
  • Market Based – draws on actual market sales of business like yours.
  • Real-world – tested for financing feasibility.
  • Reliable – put together by highly trained, experienced business appraisers.
  • Industry Specific – comparison and pricing from your peers

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